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3 Ways To Rekindle The Love

By Jessica Marchena, LMHC

Are you fighting too much with your partner? Is there too much distance?

I often hear couples tell me that they feel sad because it feels like they’re living with a roommate, not a partner. One woman said that her house feels like a hotel with each one of them going in and out as they please. They both feel angry, sad, and alone.

When I ask, “When was the last time you went out on a date night?” they tell me they can’t remember or that it was months ago. When I ask them,” When was the last time you really talked together as a couple?” they tell me they don’t know, or they haven’t really talked in a long time.

Your relationship needs care and feeding.

It needs to be nurtured. You and your partner need to put your relationship first. Here are 3 ways to rekindle your love and strengthen your connection.

  1. Create Couple Rituals. Always have morning coffee or breakfast together. Go for a walk once a week. Chat for 10 minutes before bed or create a date night Friday nights.
  1. Have Fun. Find an activity that you both want to learn together. For example, tennis or golf lessons, ballroom dancing, or do a workout or boot camp together. Also, date nights are important for just the two of you to have time together to talk and have fun going to the movies, dinner, bowling, etc.
  1. Talk. This can be in the form of a daily check-in where you both can talk about your day together. Here are some ideas on what you can share:
  • Start by sharing something that you are grateful for or something that you appreciate about each other.
  • Tell your partner something new from your day.
  • Tell your partner about something that bothered you during your day or about yourself.
  • Make a non-judgmental request; “Please put your shoes in your closet. I almost tripped over them today.”
  • Hope. End on a positive note and with something to look forward to. “I hope we can go to the movies this weekend or have a date night.”

After you have your turn, your partner will share in the same way. If you practice this together, you will feel a closer bond with your partner and you will rekindle the love! So go ahead, create couple rituals, have fun and talk!


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