Intensive Couples Counseling In Boca Raton

What is Intensive Couples Therapy? Is it Right for Your Relationship?

If you answer yes to any of the questions listed below, an intensive couples therapy week or weekend is right for you.

  • Is your marriage in a crisis?
  • Is your marriage on the brink of divorce?
  • Are you feeling completely emotionally disconnected from your partner?
  • Have you just discovered infidelity?
  • Do you feel hopeless about your marriage improving?
  • Do you believe separation or divorce is the only option, but you want to work it out?
  • Do your work schedules prevent you from coming to weekly therapy?

More about the Intensive

This private and personalized type of counseling is for couples who want to make a change and make it quickly. Those who come for an intensive are feeling a significant amount of distress – like this is their only hope to save their marriage. They want to save their marriage but feel they are on the edge of divorce or separation if things don’t change.

During an intensive, you and your partner will experience personalized private intensive therapy that will help you jump start your marriage and rekindle the emotional connection in just a few days.

Normally, to reach the progress you want and need for your marriage, it would take months of therapy. But, with an intensive, you can accomplish your goals over a week or even in a weekend.

When you schedule an intensive, you are reserving your therapist’s time completely for the days/hours that are agreed upon. You will be the focus, and the time is exclusively yours. You are the VIP clients over those few days with your therapist and if more time is needed, it can be adjusted as you progress. You get to decide and won’t have to worry about watching the clock.

Your therapist is there to help you save your marriage. Not only will you stop thinking about divorce or separation, but you can begin moving in the direction of having a thriving and loving marriage once again.  There is Hope! 

Jessica Marchena, LMHC is a certified Emotionally Focused Couples therapist with over ten years of using this evidenced based model as a roadmap on how she approaches couples therapy. First, she helps couples  by exploring and understanding their negative cycle of communication, or the places where couples get stuck. Then, she helps them learn new, more  effective ways to improve communication and emotional connection. The goal is to strengthen their bond and build safety in their relationship so they can feel closer, more connected and know that they can solve any issue or problem they have together! EFT has been proven in research to make long-lasting changes in couples with a 75-80% success rate!  

Jessica Marchena - Heart Connection Center

Who is the Therapist?

Jessica Blanco, LMHC

You deserve to be happy and in love with your spouse again. You have come to the right place for help. Jessica is a certified Emotionally Focused CouplesTherapist (EFT) and is passionate about helping couples who want to make a change and want to grow together. Your pain and hurt can be healed through couples therapy.

Jessica can help you rekindle the love that brought you together. She is an expert and trained in the best model of couples therapy out there!

There is help and hope for your marriage!


Length of Intensive 1-3 days

1 day intensive: 5-6 hours: Cost: $1800 

2 day intensive: 10-12 hours: Cost: $3600

3 day intensive: 15-16 hours Cost $4500 

To book your intensive, please call Jessica Blanco, at 561-203-9280. 

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking your intensive. 

Jessica  has helped many couples save their marriage from divorce after attending an intensive session with her. 

Don’t hesitate, and call her now. She will be happy to answer any questions you have and talk to you about the process. 


You may still have questions like,  This is very expensivehow we can afford this?”

Doing an Intensive is less expensive than going through a divorce or separation. The cost of attorneys, moving, court fees, child support, and alimony will cost much more than an intensive week of therapy. Not to mention the emotional strain and stress it will put on you and the entire family.

The real question is, “How can we NOT afford this?”

This could save your marriage and your family! Isn’t that worth the price?

Intensives can be scheduled during the week or on the weekend.

In order to prepare for the intensive, Jessica recommends that you both read, “Hold Me Tight,” by Dr. Sue Johnson. This will give you a better understanding of the work we will be doing together during your intensive and give you a head start.

It is important to take this time and create a retreat – like a getaway – for you and your partner. It really helps to be away from work, family, and the stress of everyday life. Jessica is happy to help you book a nice hotel near her office, even on the beach if you would like to be near the water. Her office is only a short 15-minute drive from the beach.

Your marriage deserves to have this quiet time together so you can relax, process what happens in therapy, and enjoy doing some fun activities together in the evenings and afternoons after your therapy sessions.

You may feel like you won’t be able to enjoy time with your partner because of the distress your marriage is in – but you would be surprised. When couples getaway to really focus on their relationship, and talk things out, the distress goes down and allows couples to relax and enjoy time together.

Intensive Couples Counseling In Boca Raton

Don’t wait any longer. You and your marriage deserve to have the love and relationship you once had, and the time is now!

Give Jessica a call today at 561-203-9280 and schedule your Intensive. She is looking forward to hearing your story and helping you and your partner save your relationship!