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The coronavirus pandemic has challenged families in ways that our generation, and even ones before us, have never experienced before. Financial, existential, health, and environmental stressors have precipitated faster than we were prepared to handle. Within a couple of weeks, the world as we know it was paused. We have had to restructure our lives faster than we`ve had time to process or digest the circumstances surrounding us.  One of the challenges that this pandemic
With schools currently closed due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, there is a very good chance that you are spending a significantly larger amount of time with your children at home than you usually do. If you are hoping to use this homebound period as an opportunity to connect more with your child or children, here are a few ways to focus on your relationship: Validate Your Child’s Feelings Try not to force your child
Are you struggling to cope during this self-quarantine? Are you snapping at your children more these days or fighting with your spouse? Do you feel sad or anxious all of the time? You are not alone. The counselors at the Heart Connection Center in Boca Raton can help you through online therapy.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Heart Connection Center has moved our sessions virtually or online. We are providing online sessions via Zoom,
The many factors surrounding the coronavirus pandemic can create stress and anxiety within us, our home, and our society as a whole. It would be almost unnatural to not feel a sense of uneasiness as we observe the world around us. There are long lines at the grocery stores with a shortage of supplies. The media updates keep getting worse. Events and schools keep getting cancelled, and for some people, they cannot go to work. 
How do you deal with your uncomfortable emotions? There are no two ways about it. We all dislike uncomfortable emotions. Experiencing these emotions is a natural part of life. Learning to sit with them and become comfortable with them is an important skill to practice and learn.  Anxiety, sadness, shame, embarrassment and anger are difficult emotions that we experience as we navigate through life.   Everyone deals with their uncomfortable emotions differently. Of course, we all
You may have not noticed the signs that she has emotionally checked out of the marriage. Maybe she has tried to talk you about how she feels and you didn’t listen. Maybe she would nag and complain or get mad because you weren’t emotionally available to her. Usually, wives do express how they feel and let their husbands know how unhappy they are for awhile. But, over time, if nothing changes, they can get frustrated,
“If your kid (even your teen) falls apart or blows up at the end of the day, that`s your cue to listen, support, and connect. Your kid isn`t looking to upset you. In fact, your kid is likely looking to be soothed by you” (Katie Hurley, LCSW) There are so many moments, where we as parents, forget that our children are also human. They too get overwhelmed by the world around them, and feel emotions,
Just because you are married for a long time doesn’t mean you should ignore or forget about Valentine’s Day. Maybe you have never celebrated this day since you got married. Maybe you forget about this day or ignore it. Maybe you and your spouse agree that this is only for couples who are dating and young and in love. But, I am here to tell you that this is an important day for your marriage
This Valentine’s Day give your relationship the gift of healing. Many times, we fall susceptible to the societal conditioning that surrounds us during Valentines day; we look forward to receiving red roses, a box of chocolates, and a romantic dinner. Some of us may have higher expectations regarding our partner’s romantic gestures and the ability to provide us with the love we need.  After all, it is Valentine’s Day and we should feel romantically special
Given that we are currently in the season of New Year Resolutions, it is very likely that you have your own list of goals. Whether they are in the form of mental notes, a written list, or a vision board creation, you have probably reached some kind of resolution for creating change in the year ahead. The Heart Connection Center in Boca Raton, Florida has a number of trained therapists committed in helping you keep

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