Our Philosophy

Welcome to the Heart Connection Center – HCC. 

We are a comprehensive counseling center with a team of licensed therapists who are dedicated to Healing Emotions And Relationships Together. We specialize in providing help for adults, couples, teens, and children and families. The name of our center was born from our core belief that we are all wired for connection. Through emotional healing, the deepest connection is possible. We are committed to working together with you and your family to help move toward developing a better understanding of yourself and strengthen your relationships.

We Believe …

Couples deserve to have a healthy, happy and thriving relationship. We help them overcome the negative communications that develop over time and to see the pattern is the problem so they can step out of it and talk to each other in new ways.

That individuals can and should have a full and happy life in their families, friends and work environment. We help them to change the patterns which were created in early childhood that have a negative impact on how they relate with others and their lives. We work alongside them to empower and guide them toward growth and change.

The approaches we use have been proven in research to be effective in creating long-lasting change.

Then we…

  • Empower clients with skills and tools to help them feel better, happier and with long lasting peace.
  • Tailor the approach to best fit the needs of each individual or couple as a client.
  • Provide a warm, safe and relaxing atmosphere that promotes healing and growth.
  • We are highly skilled and caring clinicians who are passionate about improving mental health, strengthening relationships and healing wounds.

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