How To Cope With Coronavirus Related Stress In These Uncertain Times

The many factors surrounding the coronavirus pandemic can create stress and anxiety within us, our home, and our society as a whole. It would be almost unnatural to not feel a sense of uneasiness as we observe the world around us. There are long lines at the grocery stores with a shortage of supplies. The media updates keep getting worse. Events and schools keep getting cancelled, and for some people, they cannot go to work.  You can sense that something is different in the air and can even feel the energy of panic the minute you walk out of your house. Here are some planning and coping skills to help you place a little bit of control into your life so that you can better handle these encompassing environmental conditions. 

Create a household plan. 

Having a plan of action will help you and your family be prepared for many of the following unexpected factors that this pandemic can bring forth. 

Finances– a financial plan could be useful in ensuring that your household will have enough resources for emergency situations. Some households are experiencing conditions such inability to work due to workplaces closing down or no childcare, and/or an illness, and some even a shortage of food and supplies. It is important to budget and ensure that all the needs of the household will be met in case this situation goes on longer than expected.

Food and supplies– This could include meal planning and ensuring you have enough medication, food, and other essentials and supplies for at least two weeks

Disruption of daily activities– Events, school, and work cancellations are increasing day by day. Its important to plan ahead for all these cancellations, such as the kids staying home from school-for a smoother transition to change. You can also establish plans to telework and ways to communicate with others- such as friends, family and coworkers. You could Facetime with friends and family to increase social connection. Social distancing is physical distancing not emotional distancing. It is important to connect and talk with family and friends during this time. 

Be a part of the change. 

There are small things that you enact that have the potential to create a ripple effect thus creating environmental change and even flattening the curve (i.e., stopping the spread). The following are some examples: 

  • Social distancing-find fun ways to cope with social distancing, such as picnics and new games in your garden with your family. 
  • Staying healthy- It is common to neglect our health during stressful times, however strengthening your immunity is vital during these times. Taking supplements/vitamins and getting the right amount of rest and sunlight decreases the chances of you getting the illness. Eating healthy foods is important as well. 
  • Ensure that you take care of your mental health so that you can be calm in the midst of this storm. This calmness may have the potential to ripple out and create calmness and resilience in others. This is especially true for kids, who are very sensitive to other`s around them and can easily become a reflection of how you act. Take time to practice daily breathing, and meditation to remain calm and centered. 

Counseling in Boca Raton 

Counseling and therapy can help you cope with the stressors surrounding these times. A therapist can help you reframe your perspective and guide you towards the necessary steps to plan effectively and with a sound mind. The Heart Connection Center in Boca Raton has highly trained counselors to provide you with the coping skills you need-whether it is emergency crisis counseling or just finding your balance and peace in the midst of this chaos. Teletherapy in the form of Zoom and/or phone sessions are provided for your safety and comfort. 

Let Heart Connection Center in Boca Raton, FL become your place of peace and change. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call me at 561 660 1692. 

Dr. Yiolanta Sofiali-Brunvert, LMHC, Ph.D

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