Is Your Wife Fed Up With You?

You may have not noticed the signs that she has emotionally checked out of the marriage. Maybe she has tried to talk you about how she feels and you didn’t listen. Maybe she would nag and complain or get mad because you weren’t emotionally available to her. Usually, wives do express how they feel and let their husbands know how unhappy they are for awhile. But, over time, if nothing changes, they can get frustrated, disillusioned and hopeless. They decide on their own that their marriage will never change and disconnect emotionally. 

Then, the husband is left confused. You don’t understand what is going on. You think to yourself that how did she just change overnight? She never used to be like this. You wonder if she is having an affair. You can feel her withdrawn and not engaging with you. It hurts and you don’t know what to do. 

Marriage Counseling at the Heart Connection Center with our experienced therapists can help you if your wife is willing to go. 

Here are some signs that your wife is fed up: 

She Is Suddenly Distant With You. 

It may feel like it happened overnight or from one day to the next, she suddenly changed. But, this has been happening over time for her, and you didn’t pick up the signs. She doesn’t go to you with her problems. She doesn’t start conversations. She is more focused on the kids and work. 

  • She Doesn’t Want To Talk About It. 

She is tired of talking about it. She has talked to you before about how she feels and you didn’t listen to her. She is hopeless that things will change. This may be a sign that you have reached a breaking point in your marriage. She doesn’t have the energy anymore to have a real conversation with you. Tell her you want to talk to her and ask her if she would please give you some time so you can tell her how you feel and how you want to know what you can do to help her feel happier. 

  • The Sex Has Stopped Or There Is No Physical Intimacy. 

When there is an emotional disconnection in a relationship, the physical intimacy usually goes as well. This is true especially for women, who need to feel an emotional connection with their partners before becoming intimate. This is not a good time for you to pressure her for sex, instead have a conversation with her about how she is feeling and what is going on for her. 

  • You Don’t Have Fun Together Anymore. 

You stopped going out on dates or with friends. You used to enjoy watching movies or going out to dinner together and that hasn’t happened in a long time. Having fun together is a very important part of a marriage and when it doesn’t happen, it can feel like you are just living parallel lives. Maybe she is going out with her friends more or participating in activities without you. You need to show your interest and tell her it is not healthy for you both not to be doing things together. 

  • You Only Talk About Logistics, i.e., kids, schedules, and household chores. 

Yes, couples get caught up in the business of life with work, kids, and household chores. It is important and you need to communicate on those things so you can get everything done but it can’t be the only thing you talk about together. Tell your wife you have noticed that is all you talk about, and let her know you want to have a conversation about how you both are feeling in your marriage and connect on a deeper level emotionally. 

She Says Mean Things To Hurt You On Purpose. 

Lately, you have noticed that she has been making mean remarks and pointing things out to you that bother her. In the past, she used to be kinder and have more compassion but now she is different and doesn’t seem to care if it hurts you. This is also a red flag in a marriage. Don’t keep your feelings inside. Let her know when something she says hurts you. Tell her it really made you sad to hear her say that. Is that how she thinks of you now? Let her know that it is not okay to treat you this way. 

These signs are evidence that your marriage may be in trouble. It will be up to you to show your wife that you are committed to your marriage and you do want to improve your relationship. You need to take the lead here because she is emotionally disconnected. You need to show her how important she and your marriage is to you. One way to do that is by asking her to go to marriage counseling with you and asking her if she would be willing to go. The therapist near Boca Raton at the Heart Connection Center in Boca Raton would be happy to help you rebuild your emotional connection, improve communication, and rekindle the love that brought you together in the first place! 

Don’t hesitate to call us! We are looking forward to being part of your healing journey today. 

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