Therapist near Boca Raton – 5 Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues!

It has been a marathon of holidays, starting with Halloween and ending with the New Year. You have had a many festive activities with family and friends, the kids had a long break from school, late nights, and lots of eating. However, the fun has now ended and it is back to reality. The children started school again, and you are now getting back into your routine of work, errands, and everything else you have to do. It might be hard to get back into a normal routine after a few weeks or months of busy and fun times. You might feel sad or stressed or down about it. It is a normal feeling. Post-Holiday blues are a real thing. Some of you may have had to take down the beautiful Christmas tree, and that can make you feel sad that the holiday season is over. Or maybe you are stressed because now you have to face the financial bills from all of the gifts you bought or vacation you took during the break. 

First, it is okay to feel some sadness over the holiday season being over. Most likely, you aren’t feeling depressed as much as feeling the loss of all of the excitement, stress, fun and intensely busy time with friends and family that is over just like that. And now you are faced with getting back into your normal routine. Here are some ways to deal with the post-holiday blues: 

  1. Reflect: Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and reflect on how the holiday season went for you and your family. What events or times did you enjoy the most? Why did you enjoy them? What were some stressful or upsetting times during the holiday season? Why were they stressful and what can you do next year to prevent or manage that situation better? Reflecting on the positive and negative aspects of the holiday season will help with the post-holiday blues because you can think about the good and the bad and make mental notes for next year. 
  2. Get Healthy: We all ate too much during the holiday season with all of the big meals, sweets, and treats, overindulging is just part of what happens during this time. But now, it is time to reset your body and get back to healthy eating. Don’t do anything drastic. Maybe start drinking more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, cut down on the alcohol and stop going out to eat as much. Doing a few of these things will help you and your body feel better. 
  3. Sleep: Get back to your normal sleeping routine as soon as possible. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. You might have had a lot of late nights during the holidays due to parties or vacations but now you are easing into your routine again, and sleep is crucial. It is also important for the kids to get back to their normal sleep schedule so they can get up on time for school. 
  4. Look ahead: It might feel like now that the holidays are over, you have nothing to look forward to but that is not true. Schedule a date with a friend, or date with your partner. Put it on the calendar to remind yourself that even though the holidays are over, you still have other fun things to look forward too.
  5. Make a financial plan: Make a plan to pay those holiday bills off as soon as possible. This will reduce your stress and help with those post-holiday blues as well. This is also a good time to make new financial goals for yourself and your family in the beginning of the new year. Maybe you want to save more money? Maybe you want to plan a big trip? Figure out how you can do that by looking at your financials. 

These are easy ways you can beat those post-holiday blues. Remember that this too shall pass. Try these tips and let me know how it goes. If you try these tips and you still don’t feel better, the therapists at the Heart Connection Center in Boca Raton can help you. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 561-203-9280. 

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