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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Therapy

The decision to seek therapy may have been pondering in your mind for a while. You have decided to take the step and seek out support in your healing process and our therapists at the Heart Connection Center in Boca Raton are honored to walk this path with you. Here is a list of 5 ways that you can make the most out of therapy. 

  • Being honest with yourself and the therapist-  Some people may hold back in therapy for fear of judgment or being polite. Real progress will happen when you become the most authentic and unfiltered version of yourself. 
  • Feeling comfortable and safe with the therapist- Having a good connection with your therapist will increase the likelihood that you will open up. Take your time and speak to your therapist before choosing one. Trusting your therapist and feeling safe in session will decrease your defenses and help you relax and be more comfortable in sharing your story and vulnerabilities. 
  • Being open to receiving help- Even though you may seek therapy because you want to get help, sometimes it may be hard to receive the messages that are surfacing in session. This may occur for several different reasons.  One reason may be that you have been stuck into your own patterns, cycles, and habits for a very long time- reversing them or learning a new way to behave, can be challenging. Another reason may be that it may be hard for you to receive support and help because in your life you usually embody the role of a caretaker. Try to maintain an open mind and a listening ear. Be open to learning about yourself and receiving help. 
  • Staying committed and consistent- Showing up to your weekly appointments is important, even when you are doing good or you feel like you don`t need therapy that week. Everybody has ups and downs in life. People tend to need more support and help when they are feeling down, however therapy can be useful even during your ups. This could be a good time to explore what has been effective and what has been working in your life. This way you can learn how to utilize what is working and to apply those strategies and tools in moments when you may be struggling more. 
  • Completing homework assignments- Try to make self-improvement a part of your life every day, not just once a week. Take notes on a daily basis of any realizations you may have or new levels of self-awareness reached.  You can bring these notes to therapy with you, possibly in the form of a journal. This would be a good way to also process your week with the therapist without forgetting about pivotal moments. Completing homework assignments that you and the therapist set out in session can also be a good way for you to make the process of therapy with you during the week. 


Let Heart Connection Center in Boca Raton, FL become your place of refuge and healing. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call me at 561-203-928 or  email us on the contact us page. 

Dr. Yiolanta Sofiali-Brunvert, LMHC, Ph.D

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