Four Ways for Couples to De-Stress This Holiday Season

HEART Connection Center – Counseling Center –  Couples to De-StressPreparing for the holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year for couples. From planning who to give gifts to, and budgeting for the gifts and shopping for them, couples need to de-stress more than ever. Not to mention, deciding on how to divide up your time with each family, or if you have in-laws, how to find time to celebrate with both or just one this year and the next year you go to the other family. As a couple, you can decide to do it together or separately. But whatever you decide, you both need to find the time to relax! Not sure how with everything you need to get done? Read on for my de-stressing holiday tips!

Fairness is Key: Divide the work up 50/50

It is very important to divide up the work as evenly as possible from your holiday gift list to preparing food for the family. Fairness is the key. Make lists of who is going to do what so you can avoid any arguments or more tension by feeling one is doing more than the other.

Spend Quality Couple Time

This could be taking a nice bubble bath together, massaging each other, and yes find time for sex! The physical benefits of sex are huge. It is not just exercise, but it is an excellent way to reduce stress! Plus, it beats going to the gym! Studies have shown that couples who have sex are more relaxed during stressful times.

Communicate Regularly

It is also important to check in with each other and see how you are both doing on your tasks for the holiday season. If you are having a hard time finding a present for someone, or feel you have too much on your plate, sit down and see how you can help each other through this. Don’t keep things bottled up inside and let it fester. That is how arguments can happen.

 Alone Time

As important as it is to spend time together as a couple, it is also important to have time alone. When you do get stressed, it is easy to take it out on your partner. So, when you feel the most stressed, take some time alone and relax. Go get a massage, go for a walk or listen to music. You will avoid getting mad at each other for no reason and when you feel better, you can have quality couple time if you both want to!

And remember, the holidays are not about the gifts or the food, it is about spending this time with the ones we love, family, friends and our mates. That is the magic of the holiday season. So don’t get too stressed over the details, and when you do, remind yourself of what the holidays are really about: spending good times with the ones you love! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!