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Just Checking In! How Consistent Communication Is Key for A Strong Relationship

Anyone who has spent time in an intimate partnership can tell you: strong relationships require hard work and consistency to stay strong and vibrant. When two unique individuals come together to try and live their lives together, there is bound to be seasons of white-hot passion and the low-ebb of indifference. The key to longevity is found in both parties coming together to invest in one another for the long term through sacrifice and intentionality.

Are you finding that you and your partner or spouse are finding it difficult to connect? Do you find that the days simply fly by without the special moments of intimacy that marked the early stages of your relationship?

The good news is that the spark that you remember from the beginning of your relationship can be recaptured with a simple step that may surprise you: consistent check-ins.

How Creative “Checking In” Can Reignite The Flame of Love

While many believe that grandiose displays of love and affection are key to wooing your significant other, the opposite is actually quite a bit more effective. With small, creative check-in moments each and every day, you can find new and exciting ways to recapture the magic of your relationship!

At Heart Connection Center, we are big fans of finding unique ways to help partners spark love that has begun to fade. If you are facing difficulty in connecting, consider these fun and creative ways to meet one another in the middle:

The Daily “I Love You”
When was the last time you told your partner or spouse you loved them? (Assuming you are at that point in the relationship, of course!) A great way to begin to build consistent communication is by checking in with one another with a verbal or digital “I love you!” moment each day. You’ll be surprised at how quickly love can grow with a daily display of love!

Defining The Desire
Do you know what your partner’s needs and desires are at this stage in your relationship? Consider asking them what would be a great way to show love and affection through a daily check-in. This can range from a simple hug to a random, unexpected kiss! If you ever wonder what your spouse or partner needs to thrive, it never hurts to ask!

Daily Debrief
If you have experience in the business world, you know how important it is to check in with a team member or boss to make sure you are on the same page. The same is true of your relationship! Consider scheduling a “daily debrief” where you and your partner can recap the day, discuss your plan for the next day, and chat about wins and losses for the day! Over time, you will begin to build a healthy habit for daily encouragement and empathy!

The Sunday Rundown
Another great way to build consistency in your relationship is by developing a longer weekend time where you and your partner can sit down to discuss the week in review, as well as the week ahead. These longer moments can even happen as weekly weekend dates or drinks together – bringing the best of personal time together with a consistent date!

Monthly Date Nights
Remember the motto: What gets scheduled gets done? With date nights, the best intentions can often fall to the wayside as children, work, and other commitments fill your schedule. Never assume that date nights or getaways will happen unless you schedule them! Help fan to flame the fires of desire and intimacy by intentionally scheduling dates and getaways with your partner.

Learn & Grow With Heart Connection Center

Here’s the reality: your relationship with your partner or your spouse is bound to move through different seasons. At times your communication will vary between deep and meaningful times and other moments when you are simply ships passing in the night. However, there is hope for even the most distant couples – if you are willing to put in the work to check-in!

At Heart Connection Center, our team of licensed marriage and relationship counselors are trained in how to help couples reclaim the spark of friendship and affection that time may have snuffed out. Every couple’s journey is as unique as the individuals involved, and finding a way to connect and check-in is vital for ensuring a strong and healthy relationship.

The team of licensed counselors at Heart Connection Center can help you and your partner learn the skills and techniques that can take your relationship to the level it needs to not only survive but thrive. By working directly with a kind and caring counselor, you can develop a set of skills that will help you build healthy habits and connect stronger than ever!

Ready to learn more and take the next step toward a thriving relationship? Contact the team at Heart Connection Center today!