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The Key To A Healthy Relationship? Small Moments of Love & Appreciation

As the years pass in a relationship, it is easy to find that those actions and behaviors that once sparked desire and affection begin to become second nature. If you find yourself taking your spouse or partner for granted, it is vital to switch gears and start showing your appreciation and affection daily.

If you have noticed the flame of your love beginning to fade, here are some ways that you can start taking small steps toward healthy and thriving affection.

Boost Your Relationship With Small Acts Of Appreciation

Speak Your Appreciation – And Often!
There is great power in a simple “Thank You!” As relationships grow, years together can quickly lead to taking one another for granted. Take a day and write down all the ways that your spouse or partner serves and loves you. Now take that list and make it a goal to start thanking them consistently for how they love you well! Don’t be shocked when a “Thank You” ignites the flames of love!

Remind Them Of Your Love
One of the best ways to begin rebuilding a strong sense of connection and appreciation is to find intentional ways to say, “I love you.” Whether verbally affirming your love and gratitude, or finding creative ways to express your affection, find consistent and intentional ways that you can show and speak your love daily.

Be Intentional With Your Attention
While digital technology has been an incredible addition to our lives, they have done a doozy on distracting us from one another. Start ditching your device, and instead try to spend intentional time investing in one another.

Reignite The Spark With Compliments
Remember when you were just getting to know one another, and you couldn’t help but tell your partner how amazing and good-looking they were? As relationships grow, it can be easy to drift away from intentional compliments and flirtatious activity.

A sure-fire way to ensure that you show love and affection is by going back to where you started. Find ways to compliment and flirt with your partner more consistently! Don’t expect anything from this action except that they feel loved and appreciated. Complimenting your partner is a great habit to get addicted to!

Be a Better You For Them
Often, the best displays of affection are unspoken. Ensure that your spouse feels loved and appreciated by taking stock of the habits and behaviors that may upset or frustrate them, and begin working toward improving. Learn the daily acts of service that your significant other does, and let them know that you appreciate how they love you well through their consistency and selflessness!

Appreciate and Encourage Personal Passions and Goals
A final way to ensure that your spouse or significant other feels loved is by encouraging them to succeed and thrive in their personal goals and passion. See them accomplish something impressive? Don’t be afraid to let them know – and know often! Make it even better by speaking well of them and their success in front of others.

Learn & Grow With Heart Connection Center

Growing and thriving in a relationship doesn’t have to depend on larger-than-life displays of affection and love. Often, the small and consistent reminders of your love and appreciation can make all the difference in building a healthy relationship. Little, intentional moments can add up over time to relationship success.
Are you looking for more tips and methods to help you bring hope and joy to your relationship and marriage? Sometimes the best thing to do is speak with someone in person about your struggles.

The team of licensed counselors at Heart Connection Center can help you and your significant other begin to learn and implement the skills necessary to encourage and appreciate one another in new ways. Contact Heart Connection Center today to learn more!