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Tips For An Easier Transition Back To School

The long and fun summer days and nights have come to an end.  It may be difficult for the whole family to transition back to the routine with school and extracurricular activities. Below are some tips that can lead to a smoother school year ahead. 

  • Getting a family calendar organized– It can be useful to get the family together for a family meeting in order to plan the year ahead. You can do so by creating a family calendar and a responsibility chart together. The family calendar can include time slots for activities such as extracurricular activities, social events, homework and play dates. Other responsibilities such as doctor visits and holidays can also be included. It can also include other routine activities such as breakfast and what time to be ready for school as well as a sleep schedule. In addition to the calendar, it can be helpful to add a responsibilities chart that the whole family agrees on together. The responsibility chart can include certain chores that each member of the family has to complete. This way the expectations for each member are clear. Your chart can teach children the importance of responsibilities and can ultimately make them more autonomous and confident. It is also a good way to add a reward system and positive reinforcements so that you can get more of the “good” behaviors that you desire your child to have. 
  • Creating a supportive team- Getting your team of supports together can be useful for situations and difficulties that may arise in your child`s life throughout the year. Your team can include family members, teachers, other school staff such as coaches, tutors and therapists. For example, connecting with your child`s teachers could be important for issues that come up during the school year such as incomplete homework or bullying. The rapport will be built ahead of time so your child and the teacher will be more comfortable with resolving issues when the arise. when it is time to do so. If your child has had behavioral, social, and or emotional problems in the past, then it is important to add a therapist near you can have on call as a part of your supportive team. The Heart Connection Center in Boca Raton has child therapists on call to help you through this process. 
  • Food prepping- Food prepping can be very time consuming and stressful if you are trying to prepare last minute meals. You can reduce the stress of meal prepping by picking a day of the week and doing as much as you can. Meal prepping (i.e., having already packed lunches and snacks in the fridge) can also encourage independence and responsibility by allowing your kids to just grab, pack, and go. 
  • Giving them time to process their day with you- Adjustments can be hard on the entire family. For example, picking a time such as at dinner to allow them to process their day can reduce stress. It can also create opportunities for you to have a positive influence on your children and offer them tools for coping and success. 

If you would like additional support, you can contact one of our child therapists in Boca Raton at the Heart Connection Center. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 561-203-9280.