Valentines Day: How to Connect With Your Mate Without Breaking the Bank

HEART Connection Center – Counseling Center – Valentines DayAhh Valentine’s Day, the time to celebrate love. From chocolate to jewelry to romantic dinners, who doesn’t enjoy a nice Valentine’s gift? But, somewhere along the way we lost the true meaning of this day. It isn’t about the chocolate, or the jewelry, or romantic dinners, it is really about reminding each other of your love for one another. Yes of course, gifts are nice but how can you really let your mate know how much you care and love them.

Plus, what about the pressure and the disappointment that can come with this day. Husbands and wives thinking of original ways to celebrate this day, trying to go to a fancy shmancy restaurant and not getting a reservation, or wondering if their partner will like the expensive gift they got for them. And then, the worst part is after all of the planning, the risk that your mate won’t be happy or won’t like what you planned.
It is a lot of work for just one day!!

So instead of going to all of that trouble, how about going back to the basics of this day. What is Valentine’s Day really about? It is a time to celebrate your love for each other. It is not about how much money you spend or the expensive date you planned. Of course, I am not saying not to go out and have fun. Romance is important in any relationship, but I just want to remind you of the simple ways you can show your love for your partner.

Here are simple ways to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day or any day of the week!

1. Kiss them in the morning.
2. Listen to them and really hear what they have say.
3. Send them loving texts throughout the day.
4. Hug your mate.
5. Tell them you love them.
6. Let them know why you love them and write it in a beautiful card.
7. Cook a nice dinner at home.
8. Clean up your house before your partner comes home.
9. Run some errands for your partner before they ask.
10. Spend time together at home, watch tv or movie together.
11. Sit outside on your patio and just talk, no phones or distractions.

It doesn’t have to take a lot to show your partner that you care. It only takes some time and effort to show them you love and appreciate them! Doing these things on a regular basis will not only make you both feel more connected but will also go a long way in the bedroom!! Happy Valentine’s Day!