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Behind Closed Doors: What Happens in Couples Therapy Sessions

You and your partner have decided to go to couples therapy. Further, you made the appointment with your therapist. You may be wondering what will happen in your session. Will you fight in front of your therapist? Will your therapist understand your issues with your partner?  It is normal to feel unsure or anxious and not know what to expect from your therapist. Will couples therapy be easy? No, it probably won’t be. It will take time and effort from you and your partner for things to get better in your relationship. Your therapist will guide you to help you achieve your goals. Here are a few things to expect in your couples therapy sessions. 

A couple sits in their therapists office working on issues that are impacting their relationship. Couples Therapy in Boca Raton, FL can be a great resource for you as well.

Couples Assessment:

The initial sessions often involve the therapist getting to know you, understanding your history, your relationship dynamics, and the specific issues that are causing relationship distress. As your marriage counselor, I will also meet with you individually for one session to get to know you better, talk about your childhood, previous relationship history, and more about your issues in your marriage or relationship in the present. 

Open communication:

I will create a safe environment for open and honest communication. If you begin to argue or fight, I will ask you both to slow it down and talk to you one at a time. I will allow both of you to express your thoughts and feelings, and validate them. I will also help both partners understand each other’s feelings. 

A couple works with a Couples Therapist in Boca Raton, FL to reconnect and overcome issues in their relationship.

Improved communication for Couples:

We will identify your negative pattern of communication. I will help you see what you both do in this pattern, and how it makes you feel, and then show you how to step out of it so you can talk to each other in a better way. This negative pattern causes an emotional disconnection which gets worse over time. When you come in, if you’re highly escalated, we will work on de-escalation or decreasing the fights. 

Healing the past hurts in your relationship. I will help you and your partner address unresolved hurts and resentments from your relationship history. You and your partner will talk about your pain and hurt, be able to hear each other express and validate your pain, and offer an apology to each other. 

Goal setting for Couples:

An important part of your couples therapy is to set goals for your therapy. This can improve communication, improving trust, and improving intimacy. The goals can also be more specific depending on what your issues are. 

Review progress:

We will assess your progress in therapy on a continued basis. Usually, couples will report less fighting, being more understanding of each other, and listening to each other better after a few sessions. And as things get better, you can decrease the frequency of your sessions. 

A couple smiles as they interact with their therapist representing a couple that has benefited from Marriage Counseling in Boca Raton, FL

Find a Safe Space to Address Relationship Issues in Couples Therapy in Boca Raton, FL

Couples therapy will be a safe space for you and your partner to address your relationship issues. You will feel heard and understood by your therapist and in time by your partner. You will be able to resolve past conflicts, improve communication and heal past hurts. Don’t hesitate to go to couples therapy out of fear or anxiety. Couples therapy will only help your relationship get better! 

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