A Couples Workshop to Improve Your Connection and Communication

Ready for a change in your relationship? Have you been looking for a retreat or some type of workshop that can help you communicate better? Perhaps you have found some couples retreats or workshops online, but they are too far away, too expensive, or none of them really work for your schedule.

How about a one-day local relationship workshop open to singles and couples that is on a Saturday? You don’t have to take off work or fly somewhere to do this. This is right here in your backyard. For therapists who come with their partners, you have the opportunity to earn CEUs, as well as have some quality time either with your mate or with yourself.HEART Connection Center – Couples Workshop - Improve Your Connection and Communication

Most couples who call for marriage counseling or couples counseling say they need help with their communication. They either can’t talk to each other, get stuck or have the same fight over and over again. A conflict or an issue between them can never get resolved because of a pattern that happens where one partner wants to communicate and the other withdraws or retreats.  On the other hand, they may both just yell at each other and don’t hear what the other person has to say. Another pattern is where both partners withdraw, and there is no communication at all.

Every couple has a pattern or dance that happens in those moments when they get stuck. Over time, these patterns get worse to the point where the couple loses their emotional connection to one another.  This is a sad and lonely place to be, and it may be where you are right now—not knowing how to get out, how to reconnect with your spouse. Maybe you’re single and you see yourself in one of these patterns, and you want to figure out how and why you do this, and how to communicate and connect better in your next relationship.

In this workshop, we will help you identify your pattern, evaluate the emotions and behaviors under the dance. Understanding your pattern, your role in the pattern and how it impacts your partner is the key to reconnecting, changing your dance and getting closer. You will see that the dance or negative pattern is the enemy, not you or your partner.

We will use the book, “Hold Me Tight,” by Dr. Sue Johnson, who developed Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and wrote this book for couples. It has seven conversations of love that help couples figure all of this out. We will go through four of them together in our workshop. You can then do the rest at home together because you will already have the basis or have figured out your negative dance.

We will use videos and PowerPoint to teach you the “new science of love.” When we do the exercises, you will go with your partner or yourself in a quiet space and work on the exercise together for 30 min to 1 hour. Marni and I will walk around and assist you during these exercises if needed. We will then come back and process how it went. No one is forced to share if they don’t want to. Most participants like sharing because they see that they are not alone in this, other couples have problems too.

We have facilitated this workshops several times over the past few years and seen couples who come in not talking to each other walking hand in hand when they leave. We have seen partners who wanted to leave because they got upset come back and work through it with their spouse, and felt closer by the end.


So, don’t miss out on this awesome workshop! We feel passionate about guiding couples to reconnect and feel the love they deserve to feel. We like to have fun during the workshop and feed you well. It is really an investment in your well-being and in your relationship! Please  join us!

If you are interested in registering for this workshop, please visit www.HMTFlorida.com