Don’t give up yet! 5 options to try if you aren’t seeing progress in your couples therapy!

So you have been going to couples therapy for several months on a weekly basis? Are you still not feeling progress in your relationship? According to the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, the success rate of marriage therapy is 70%. Depending on many factors, some couples take longer to show progress in therapy due to their own childhood trauma. Furthermore, inconsistency in attending their weekly sessions can cause issues. Or they may have an ineffective and inexperienced couples therapist. Here are five options to consider before calling it quits on your couples therapy or on your relationship!

A woman walks away from her husband as they argue at the dinner table. Sometimes Couples Therapy in Boca Raton, FL may seem like its not working, but with reevaluation and adjustment it can be successful.

First, address your concerns about your lack of progress with your couples therapist. 

Share your frustrations and be open and honest about what you feel is not working for In your sessions. Brainstorm together how you can improve your sessions. Maybe your therapist isn’t addressing issues that you want to address or you feel like your couples therapist may be taking sides. These are important clinical issues to bring up before quitting couples therapy.

Seek individual therapy.

This can help you address your own concerns about your marriage and your childhood trauma that may be getting in the way of your ability to make changes in your relationship. Maybe both of you have to seek individual therapy or one of you. Yes, this is costly and takes more time and effort but isn’t it worth it if it saves your marriage? If your therapist thinks it is you that needs more support, it doesn’t mean you’re the problem in the relationship. It just means you may have more trauma or you have anxiety or depression that is getting in the way of your progress. 

Consider a couples intensive retreat.

Getting away for 2-3 days and going for a couples intensive can really be helpful. It will give you time to really delve in and focus on your issues with no other distractions. You can really accomplish 6 months worth of therapy in an intensive session. You have 12-15 hours of therapy in a weekend and a lot can be done. 

A couple struggles in Couples Therapy representing a couple who may need to adjust their strategy and try Intensive Couples Therapy in Boca Raton, FL.

Maybe your couples therapist isn’t a good match for you.

Your therapist may have reached a point with you both and can’t go any further and a change of therapist can be beneficial for a different perspective. Or perhaps your therapist isn’t as experienced or trained in couples therapy. It is important to find a highly trained couples therapist who is certified in some type of couples therapy like myself. I am a certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist and have been practicing EFT for the past 10 years or more. 

Are you both committed to saving your marriage?

Or maybe one of you isn’t really committed to doing the work that it takes to save your marriage. If you and your partner aren’t equally committed to making changes then couples therapy won’t work. Just coming to your couples therapy sessions and then not doing any work at home together isn’t going to cut it. It is time to get honest with each other and figure out the level of commitment to doing whatever it takes to save your marriage. If you feel your partner isn’t doing the work, it is important to bring this up in your couples therapy session and address this issue. 

Unfortunately, sometimes couples therapy does fail despite your best efforts. However, don’t give up before trying these options. Also, don’t be afraid to let your therapist know that you are frustrated with the lack of progress. They probably feel stuck too. 

Communication is a key to the success of your Couples Therapy.

Communication is always the key to resolving the issue and figuring out whether you have hope and still should try different options for your relationship or if you have reached the end of couples therapy. Sometimes people just grow apart, or there is no love left, working together on ways to move forward and end the relationship amicably is important. 

A couple successfully navigates their couples therapy in Boca Raton, FL after working with their couples therapist to restructure their treatment plan.

Keep Striving to Improve Your Relationship with the Help of Couples Therapy in Boca Raton, FL

Feeling stuck in your journey through couples therapy doesn’t mean the end of the road for your relationship. Whether it’s addressing concerns directly with your therapist, considering individual therapy to delve into personal issues impacting the relationship, or trying a couples intensive retreat for focused therapy, there are numerous paths to reignite progress. Sometimes, the solution might be as simple as changing therapists for a new perspective or reassessing the commitment level in your relationship. Communication remains the cornerstone of effective therapy, and it’s vital to openly discuss frustrations and hopes with your therapist. Before concluding that couples therapy has failed, consider these options and remember, a successful partnership often requires patience, effort, and the willingness to explore every possible avenue to save what you cherish.

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