Treating Yourself with the Gift of Self-Care on this Mother’s Day!

To all my mothers this Mother’s Day… 

I wish I could take you in my arms and hug you until your physical, mental and emotional exhaustion dissipates.

I just want to hug you long enough so that you forget your fears, self-doubts, and disappointments and claim the self-love, self- acceptance, and self-appreciation that you deserve. Happy Mothers Day I see you every day, whether you are my friend or my client. I see you trying and giving your best – yet doubting if you are doing it all the right way or wondering if it`s all enough; I see your continuous strength, your grace, and your love- despite the lack of appreciation you receive; In your most vulnerable and challenging moments, I see your courage.   Even though I am not hugging you, I see you, and I want you to know that you are enough.  I want you to consider Treating Yourself with the Gift of Self-Care on this Mother’s Day!

You are mother nature – a vessel that springs forth life and continues to nurture it for all the days of her life. You are constantly nourishing those around you and ensuring all their needs and desires are being met.  You do all this while your own needs – let alone your simple wants and desires – become invisible. Time constraints, daily responsibilities, and at times your thought schemes, can prevent you from engaging in desirable and fulfilling activities that fill your cup. Treating Yourself with the Gift of Self-Care on this Mother’s Day is a way to “fill your cup.”

This day is meant to celebrate YOU!!
You get to choose what you want to do on this Mother’s Day. However, don’t wait for a surprise from your husband and children because you could end up being disappointed. Let them know you want a massage, or you want to spend the day at the beach or go to brunch with your family. Please verbalize your ideas to your family. Or maybe you want some alone time to read a book or watch something good on Netflix.  Either way, it’s your choice and your day to make the most out of it.
Here are some ideal gifts to consider…
Self-Care Treatments 

You, or your loved ones, can purchase a package deal for you so that you can receive a service your body needs and desires.  It could be a one-time package, such as a spa day or a stay at a spa resort for the weekend.  You could also purchase a service package where you can go on a weekly basis such as massage or therapy. It could be a class that once energized you, like yoga, dancing, or pottery. Maybe getting your hair or your nails done is something you know will make you feel better.

An Experience
Sometimes the usual material gifts like flowers, candy, or perfume can bring joy at the moment, however, it is not what your soul truly needs. Indulge in an experience that will offer a priceless memory, intrinsically fulfill you, and make you feel alive again. It may be one that has been on your bucket list for a while, such as skydiving, traveling to ski on a mountain, or Happy Mothers Dayswim in a waterfall you always dreamed of doing.

Surround Yourself with People that Fuel Your Energy
Be honest with yourself and decide whether you want to experience your gift by yourself, your friends, or turn it into a family trip. How will you gain the vitality to help you stay peaceful, motivated, focused, and productive in life? To help you decide, you can ask yourself questions like:

Do my spirits lift after interacting with this person?
Does this person ignite positive feelings and thoughts within me?
Do they offer positive self-talk, self-acceptance and appreciation, and self-love?
Do I find true joy in sharing an experience with family and living vicariously through their enjoyment?
Do I feel more rejuvenated or gain more clarity experiencing something alone?

Seek your energy sources versus your energy drains and make concrete steps to surround yourself with them.

However, you choose to celebrate this day, I hope you start and end it by telling yourself, “I deserve to give myself the same unconditional love that I give my family; I deserve to feel happy and alive!”

Happy Mother’s Day from the Heart Connection Center!

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