From Crisis to Connection: Turning Points in Intensive Couples Therapy

Most couples that attend an intensive couples therapy session are on the brink of divorce or experiencing major marital distress. If you are considering an intensive couples therapy retreat, you may be ready to file for divorce or already have begun the process. You and your partner may be stuck in a negative pattern of conflict and communication that has gotten progressively worse over time. Maybe, you are in crisis mode. You may feel doomed and hopeless. 

A woman comforts her partner as they hold hands during Intensive Marriage Counseling in Boca Raton, FL.

Let me show you how an intensive couples therapy 2 day retreat can help you and your partner go from crisis to connection. 

Intensive Couples Therapy in the Morning

During an intensive couples therapy session we have 6 hours each day to dive deep into your relationship issues. I work with you for 3 hours in the morning, then break for lunch and then 3 hours in the afternoon. I do an initial assessment of the two of you together and then I meet with you individually to get to know you better, find out more about your childhood and previous relationships. After that assessment, we work together as a couple for the rest of the time. 

Afternoon Intensive Session

In the afternoon, we get to dive deep into the problems that you have with communication and trust. During an intensive marriage counseling session we don’t have to watch the clock. If we’re in the middle of a breakthrough, we can keep going. If things get overwhelming, or escalated, we can take breaks as needed. The time is yours. 

A couple works with a Couples Therapist while sitting on a couch during Intensive Couples Therapy in Boca Raton, FL.

Intensive Marriage Counseling Offers Rapid Progress

We can get from crisis to connection in 2 days because marriage intensives offer rapid therapeutic progress. It can bring relief to couples who want to see quicker results and are in high distress. An intensive 2 day marriage counseling retreat is about 12 hours of couples therapy in 2 days which condenses months of therapy into a short amount of time. Yes it is expensive, but if it saves your marriage from divorce, it is an investment in your future happiness together. 

Deep Immersion Into Your Relationship In a Safe Space

The benefits of doing a deep immersion into your relationship are endless. In 2 days, you will go from crisis mode to experiencing a deeper connection than you have felt in a long time. You will feel relieved because you were able to discuss your feelings, thoughts and concerns in a safe space with the presence of a therapist. In addition, you will learn how to handle future conflicts and challenges. Further, you will also work through past hurts and begin to rebuild trust. Of course, the couples work isn’t over after a 2 day, ongoing couples therapy is highly recommended after your intensive.

A Couples Therapist in Boca Raton, FL speaks to a couple with their backs to the camera during Intensive Couples Therapy.

Set Your Relationship On the Path to Healing with Intensive Couples Therapy in Boca Raton, FL.

As a couples therapist who has done many intensive couples therapy sessions, it is so rewarding to see a couple that came in feeling hopeless and doomed on the first day of their intensive, and leave on the second day, feeling hopeful, and reconnected with their spouse. I have had the pleasure to witness this hundreds of times. It is time to give your relationship one last shot. Your marriage and your happiness deserve it! 

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